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Learn about staffing offers and services you are missing out on and how QuixTec is changing staffing industry forever!

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Our resources are as expert as any in the IT industry! If reducing expenses without sacraficing experience and expertise is important to your business then QuixTec is the clear choice for IT staffing and team augmentation.

Technologies galore!

Having people that fit perfectly with your team is just the beginning. Our resources possess a wide range of technological expertise. So if you have difficulty finding the resource with the knowledgebase you need. Try us!

Business Bulletproofing

Are you sure you are getting the best rate from your current staffing provider? Do they guarantee code for one year? Do they protect code and offer free ransomware protection for one year? QuixTec does this and more!

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One example of how you get more from QuixTec: Our code is guaranteed for one year! If there is a bug, we'll fix it free. Only we offer this!

Code is guaranteed for one year.

Free ransomware protection for 1 year.

For all mid-sized engagements and above you can select between a year of Disaster Recovery or a year of VisualSP. Contact us to learn more.

QuixTec has enormous flexibility and versatility built-in to our placement services. Full-time, Part-time, Full-team or augmenting your own team we have the perfect plan and savings for you!

Over 20 roles available

A wealth of IT Industry Knowledge

Expertise and a love for the industry comes standard with all our IT experts. They are self-starters, experienced, have contract experience and are motivated and eager from day one throughout the entire project. 

"Starting a new business is daunting enough even without all of the complex forms required to incorporate. Having YORK take care of it was a big weight lifted for me."

Jane Smith

CEO & Founder, Vonn Interactive

“The YORK legal team helped me quickly launch my business without having to worry about legal details. They gave me the peace of mind that I was starting my business off right.”

John Smith

Co-Founder, Elements Travel

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